Episode 3

Growing a Nonprofit's Impact w/ Anthony Marinos (charity: water) | #3

A lot of people reach a point in their career where they want more meaning and purpose in their work. However, many people don’t exactly know how to transition into a career that makes a greater social impact. Being able to translate your skills and career assets - like your network - across sectors is crucial.  

Our amazing guest Anthony Marios, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at charity: water, shares his career journey navigating from for profit work to an innovative nonprofit where he’s found fulfillment and success, and is actively contributing his skills to Be Social Change on a global level.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Insights into Anthony's professional journey, from his time at Zipcar to founding his own startup, Loose Cubes, and eventually joining Charity Water.
  • Understanding the challenges and opportunities when transitioning from for-profit to nonprofit work.
  • How to find the supportive culture you want to work in during a job search. 
  • Strategies for networking and cultivating strong professional relationships.
  • How to build engaging partnerships from diverse sectors like the live streaming community and cryptocurrency.
  • The importance of transparency in showing the impact of contributions.
  • Career advice on managing a team, building self-awareness, trusting oneself, and fostering a culture of trust and development in the workplace

About Be Social Change:

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Guest Bio:

Since 2017, Anthony has led business development and creator relationships at charity: water, crafting and executing various partnerships and fundraising campaigns to help bring clean water to communities around the globe. He spent the earlier years of his career in marketing and sales roles at various startups (most notably Zipcar) before realizing that his talents would be better utilized at an organization dedicated to actually changing the world. Widely known by those close to him for his unshakeable optimism and endless energy, Anthony is excited to see the day when every person on the planet has access to clean water once and for all.

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