Episode 5

Scaling a Social Impact Business & Enjoying the Journey w/ Celia Moreno (Lyft) | #5

Celia Moreno is a Social Impact Lead at Lyft, one of a few major tech companies with a social and environmental mission. Celia offers an inside look into how major corporations integrate social impact into their core product. 

She shares her journey into the world of social impact, her role in managing Lyft's transportation access programs, the importance of advocacy, and her experiences with technology in her role. 

The conversation delves into the importance of being a 'jack of all trades' - or a generalist - with strong communication skills, and building relationships within an organization. Celia also candidly discusses her personal growth journey, the struggles she faced, and the inspiring human stories that fuel her work.

What You Will Learn:

1️⃣ A unique approach to integrating social impact into core products.

2️⃣ How advocacy plays an essential role within major corporations.

3️⃣ The diverse set of skills that are instrumental in shaping a career in social impact.

4️⃣ The use of technology in driving social impact and policy integration.

5️⃣ The power of networking and building relationships across the organization.

6️⃣ The significance of creativity, understanding the social impact landscape, and self-compassion in achieving success.

7️⃣ Practical career advice for anyone looking to develop a career in social impact.

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